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Legal Transcription Services

Legal Transcription Services

Attorneys throughout the U.S. have relied upon our legal transcription services for their pleadings, briefs, interrogatories, summaries and more since 1993.

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Let us enhance your practice with our best-in-class dictation technology. Meet your documentation needs with our high quality legal transcription services.

Free up your staff for more billable hours and let us streamline the process of producing briefs, summaries, interrogatories and more!

Our team of U.S based, professional transcription employees is here to help you.

Watch the video below to see just how easy it is to use our secure dictation app!


Here is how it works: We charge 2.0 cents per word transcribed and your account is subject to a minimum monthly fee of $24.95. That is it. No strings attached.

For far less than you can pay a paralegal or legal secretary to transcribe your summations, correspondence, interrogatories and more, you get back fast, accurate documents from our team of professional transcriptionists. This allows you to focus your team’s time on billable work, not busy work.

We do not present ourselves as the “cheapest.”  However, we do present ourselves as the best value for attorneys to outsource their transcription.  Our philosophy is that if a letter, summation or brief is important enough to dictate, then the transcription should be accurate and your administrative staff should not be spending valuable time transcribing.

We also offer verbatim transcriptions of conversations and recorded statements. Contact us for more information!


Quality is critical. Our team of 100% U.S.-based employees are specially trained legal professionals. In fact, unlike many in our field, wordZXpressed does not use contractors, off-shore labor or seasonal employees such as temps or college students. We ensure the documents you get back are ready for filing into your CRM or CMS (Case Management System) for quick access the next time you need them. If you are spending time editing documents you have already paid for once, you have spent too much. Our team is here to help.


We offer a simple, intuitive app for Apple and Android devices. Just open our app, tap record and dictate your documents. Once sent, our team of professional U.S. transcriptionists are on it. Dictate from anywhere, even without a cellular or WiFi signal. Once you move into coverage again, the files upload.


We take security seriously. We treat your data like we would want ours treated: with the utmost respect and sensitivity. In fact, all of our workflow and processes conform to the same HIPAA rules applied to our medical transcription division. All of our data is located in a secured data center in Atlanta, Georgia. This data center is currently the largest in the US, and it employs the most up-to-date physical access controls and redundancy possible. This means your data is secured at all times and the chances of our systems being offline due to power/internet outage is extremely rare. All of our employees are bound to very strict confidentiality agreements and protocols.

For all of our customers, including those utilizing our legal transcription services, wordZXpressed carries commercial insurance, E&O and Crime Coverage and all employees are bound to a strict NDA.


wordZXpressed opened its doors in 1993 as a division of Brown Court Reporting. Since that time, we have grown to a professional staff of nearly 300 employees servicing law firms, insurance house counsel, financial and healthcare clients nationally. With strong financials and a team of great leaders, we are here to stay.

We can help everyone from an individual attorney to your entire firm. Contact us for a consultation call with one of our account specialists. We will be happy to discuss your needs and see how we can help maximize your billable hours by freeing up dictation and transcription workflow woes.

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Secure mobile dictation on your Apple or Android device!

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