Academic Transcription Services

Academic Transcription Services

Are you working on your doctoral thesis? Conducting ongoing interviews for a research project? Regardless of the subject, wordZXpressed can help. We have been helping students, faculty and research teams at some of the country’s most prestigious universities document their findings. From interviews to conference calls, our team of U.S.-based transcriptionists will ensure your work is kept confidential and held to the utmost quality standards.

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This means you will receive a quality transcript of your recording and not spend time editing upon its delivery. This assures sure you get the most for your money and reserve your time for focusing on the other details of your project.


With our technology capabilities and systems flexibility, we deliver the products you want at affordable rates, including:

  • Working with traditional media including cassettes, video and audio tapes, podcasts, CDs, DSS, MP3, WAV and various streaming media
  • Delivery of a quality product that indicates pauses, identification of speaker, appropriate punctuation and reading clarity
  • Ability to deliver (upon request) word index, bound transcript, line and page numbering

For more information and a quote for our academic transcription services, call 800.872.6079 or fill out our contact form today and join colleagues from the following prestigious colleges and universities that have utilized our services:

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